Meeting February 13, 2018


Where the Murderers Roam

Presented by Dan Hubbard, PhD

Where Murderers Roam which takes a family story and shows that it was far more important than it originally sounded and shows the importance of understanding how a law (in this case the homestead act) might motivate people’s actions.

Dr. Daniel Hubbard lives in Libertyville and is past President of the Lake County Genealogical Society.  He is a former particle physicist and now a full-time professional genealogist and writer as well as owner of Personal Past.  His research concentrates on American, Canadian and Swedish records. He a member of the Nordic Family Genealogy Advisory Board at the Swedish-American Museum in Chicago. Information about his presentations is at Products and Services on his website / blog, Personal Past Meditations. Librarians who have attended Dan’s presentations say he would be a very entertaining speaker, as well as thoroughly knowledgeable. He does an “Intro to Genealogy presentation.”