Over the years the Society has worked on a number of projects. Some have been completed, some are still in progress, and still others are waiting in the wings. Nothing would be accomplished without our volunteers.

To become a volunteer, call the Genealogy Room at 847-918-3584 for information or pick up an information sheet in the Genealogy Room.

Genealogy Room 

  • Karen Camp trains new volunteers.
  • Delores Citterman handles the volunteer calendar.
  • Librarian: Karen Camp catalogs the new material, updates the computerized shelf list.
  • Bobbie Briggs catalogs donations to our collection.
  • Bernie Cinquegrani-Schembarri handles Quarterly Exchanges.
  • Karen Camp manages the computers.
  • Allen Elias maintains the Obituary file.
  • Tom Willer maintains the Early Settlers Program.

Cemetery Project
Mary Kay Johnson handles the cemetery project.

Karen Camp manages Facebook.

Karen Camp manages membership.

Newspaper Indexing
– open –

Tom Willer

Mary Kay Johnson coordinates the monthly programs.

Publications Sales
Any and all Lake County records that we can publish for the Society: Mary Kay Johnson is chairwoman for this committee, and Nancy Kuffer handles sales of our published books.

Jeanine Fout handles publicity.

The current quarterly editor is Mary Ann Erbach.  Articles are submitted by LCIGS members.  Nancy Kuffer is the design and layout editor.

The Genealogy Room volunteers handle queries.

Research Trips
Bus trips to the Newberry Library in Chicago, the Wisconsin State Library in Madison, and the Allen County Library in Fort Wayne are taken on an irregular basis. A trip to Salt Lake City in the month of October is arranged by Karen Morrison.

Websites & Mail List
The Lake County (IL) Genealogical Society web site was created and is maintained by Gloria Henke.  The Lake County GenWeb is in need of volunteer webmasters. These sister sites complement one another. The GenWeb site accepts visitor submitted data about Lake County relatives. A Lake County Surnames List is also at this site.

The Workshop Committee Chairman for 2018 is Karen Camp. The workshop will be held on November 10.