Will You Join Us?

Click here if all you want is a membership application.  To print or download the form, use either the printer icon or the down arrow located in the upper right corner of the application screen.  After printing the form, close the window and you will return to this page.  When ready, mail the first page to the address on the application.
Don’t forget to enclose your check or money order for your dues.

We serve two groups of researchers

  • Those with Lake County roots, and
  • Those who currently live in Lake County but have roots elsewhere (the majority of members)

What do we do for our members?

  • For Lake County roots: we print articles, news and queries in the Quarterly, present local interest topics at meetings, publish county records, provide web pages of indexes and/or other county materials, and provide links to local web pages.
  • For lake County residents: we print articles, news and queries in the Quarterly, present topics at meetings reflecting their interests, and provide web pages of helps and links to special interest web pages.

Membership in our Society entitles you to:

  • Reduced rates on publications, field trips, and workshops.
    • The first issue of the membership year is published in the fall.
    • You will be assigned a membership number when you pay your dues for the first time.
    • You will need to use this number to receive the reduced rates. Click here to see our publications list
  • Fellowship with other genealogists
    • We have regular monthly meetings on our schedule with the exceptions of November and December.
    • In November we have our annual all day  Workshop with nationally known speakers.  There is an additional benefit — access to vendors of genealogy books and supplies.
    • We occasionally charter a bus or van to visit the National Archives branch in Chicago or libraries in Chicago, Madison, and Fort Wayne.
    • In October, there will be a Society trip to Salt Lake City. Click here for more information.
  • Aids to researching your families
    • Meet others working on the same surnames, geographic localities or ethnic groups.
    • Comparing notes with others in similar situations can sometimes provide a break through in your problem research areas.
  • Submission of four (4) queries for publication in our Quarterly.
    • The queries for our Quarterly do not need to have a Lake County connection. (Our Quarterly is widely circulated.)
    • Until every genealogist is connected to the Internet, our Quarterly and others that are in libraries and other repositories will be widely read by our fellow genealogists. Use every opportunity you have to connect with others whose research lines may touch yours.

The Dues Year starts July 1st & ends on June 30th

Pay particular attention to the date you pay your dues. Unless specifically noted by you, all new memberships received before July 1st will receive the quarterlies for the current year (including back issues.)

There is a place on the Membership Application for you to choose either the current membership year (eg. July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015) or the next membership year (eg. July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016.) Renewals are accepted at any time and will extend the current membership.

  • $25 for Regular/Library Membership: Individual membership that allows 4 names in the Membership Directory. Libraries and other institutions also subscribe at this rate.
  • $27 for Family Membership: for two or more individuals living at the same address. This membership allows 8 names in the Membership Directory
  • $30 for Foreign Membership: an address outside of the United States will need more postage. This membership allows 4 names in the Membership Directory.
  • $10 for Student Membership:  for full-time students under the age of 22/

If you wish to join the Society, click here for a Membership Application. Please print it and then close the window to return to this page. When ready, mail the application to the address on the application. Don’t forget to enclose your check or money order for your dues.