Library Catalog

Our genealogical collection collection contains almost 4900 books covering many states and several countries.  Most of the books are open stack, readily available to view at our library.  Please come to see our wide range of research materials.

You can see the catalog listing here.   It will take a few seconds to load due to the size of the list.

  • To sort the list by a column’s contents, click on the letter at the top of the column heading to sort the spreadsheet.  Select the Data tab, then “Sort sheet by column A, A → Z ” or “Sort sheet by Column A, A” to sort the spreadsheet.
  • To search the entire catalog, press the CTRL and F keys together.  A search box will appear near the top right of the list.  Type the search term, such as IL, and all cells that contain “IL” will be highlighted .  Click on the (up) or  (down) arrow in the search box to navigate to each highlighted cell.