Donation Policy


  1. The policy of LCIGS is to accept all genealogy related books, quarterlies, microfilm, microfiche, or any other items that can be  broadly construed to be  “genealogy research materials.”

  2. Monetary donations, cash or check, are always welcome.

  3. LCIGS does not immediately accept offers for donation of electronic  equipment (i.e., computers, printers, microfilm readers.) For such donations, we request that you give a description of the equipment,  your contact information (name, phone number, e-mail address) so  that your offer can be further pursued.  The Society President, or President’s designee, acting in consultation with appropriate Society  members, will decide whether to accept the offered equipment  donation.

  4. We do not immediately accept any offers for donation of furniture  or unusual items. Follow the same resolution procedure as stated  for item B above.

  5. The following transactions NOT considered donations under this  policy are those that involve a substantially direct and equivalent  exchange in value. Some examples of transactions NOT considered  to be donations include:

    • Purchase made at silent auction
    • Purchase of Society publication
    • Look-up charge
    • Society dues
    • Workshop registration fee