Meeting May 8, 2018

Dropsy, Quinsy or Consumption:  Exactly What Did My Ancestors Have?

Presented by Kimberly Nagy, MD., PLCGS

Have you ever wondered what some of the medical terms found on old documents really mean? What is the modern term for those diseases? Was it treatable? Was it Contagious? Was it epidemic? We will explore several commonly used terms for medical ailments. Information will be given on some of the early medical treatments for such ailments. Tracing ancestors through epidemics will also be discussed.

Kimberly Nagy, has been researching her ancestry for over forty years.  Much of her experience predates the internet and she loves the smell of old books in libraries, courthouses and archives. Now, retired from her career as a Trauma Surgeon, she can devote all of her time to her passion – Genealogy!  She has extensive experience with Lineage Society applications and loves to lecture – both of these are reflected in her work as a Professional Genealogist.

Meeting, April 10, 2018

Genealogy Vacation – Myth or Reality

Presented by Jeffrey Bockman

“Genealogy” and “Vacation” are rarely used in the same sentence let alone together except possibly in a divorce proceeding. You cannot resolve five to twenty years’ worth of genealogy questions within a two-week research trip. Even if you could this type of a trip would not be considered a vacation. Learn to use the Internet, planning, humor, and common sense to plan your trip.

Jeffrey Bockman has been doing genealogical research since 1988 and has been active in societies, society management, classes, and lectures since 1994. He was the DuPage County IL Gen Web Project webmaster from 1996 to 2012.

Jeff was the Chairperson of the Chicagoland Genealogical Consortium and Local Arrangements Chair for NGS 2006. He served four years as the Vice President of the Illinois State Genealogical Society. He was the President of the DuPage County (IL) Genealogical Society for five years.  Many of his articles can be found on his website under the link Genealogy According to Jeff.


Meeting March 13, 2018

Ghosts in the Graveyard: Intuition or Devine Intervention?

Presented By Tina Beard

Ever have those unexplained moments while searching for your ancestors? Tina has certainly had her fair share of ‘unexplained’ phenomenon. This is a “share and tell” lecture where Tina will tell you some of her serendipitous experiences, if you promise to share some of yours!

Tina Beaird is the owner of Tamarack Genealogy and is a Genealogy & Local History Librarian at a mid-sized Chicagoland public library. She holds a Masters of Library and Information Science degree with a specialization in Archives/Preservation from Dominican University. Tina has won multiple research and digitization grants to preserve and digitize historic documents and photographs. Tina lectures at the national, state and local level on topics including genealogical research, photo preservation and archival preservation. Tina has offered as assistance to researchers for over 12 years and occasionally still finds time to conduct her own family research, which she has been pursuing for over twenty years.

Meeting February 13, 2018


Where the Murderers Roam

Presented by Dan Hubbard, PhD

Where Murderers Roam which takes a family story and shows that it was far more important than it originally sounded and shows the importance of understanding how a law (in this case the homestead act) might motivate people’s actions.

Dr. Daniel Hubbard lives in Libertyville and is past President of the Lake County Genealogical Society.  He is a former particle physicist and now a full-time professional genealogist and writer as well as owner of Personal Past.  His research concentrates on American, Canadian and Swedish records. He a member of the Nordic Family Genealogy Advisory Board at the Swedish-American Museum in Chicago. Information about his presentations is at Products and Services on his website / blog, Personal Past Meditations. Librarians who have attended Dan’s presentations say he would be a very entertaining speaker, as well as thoroughly knowledgeable. He does an “Intro to Genealogy presentation.”