Meeting February 13, 2018


Where the Murderers Roam

Presented by Dan Hubbard, PhD

Where Murderers Roam which takes a family story and shows that it was far more important than it originally sounded and shows the importance of understanding how a law (in this case the homestead act) might motivate people’s actions.

Dr. Daniel Hubbard lives in Libertyville and is past President of the Lake County Genealogical Society.  He is a former particle physicist and now a full-time professional genealogist and writer as well as owner of Personal Past.  His research concentrates on American, Canadian and Swedish records. He a member of the Nordic Family Genealogy Advisory Board at the Swedish-American Museum in Chicago. Information about his presentations is at Products and Services on his website / blog, Personal Past Meditations. Librarians who have attended Dan’s presentations say he would be a very entertaining speaker, as well as thoroughly knowledgeable. He does an “Intro to Genealogy presentation.”

Meeting January 9, 2018

Digging Grandma’s Privy for Family History Data

Presented by Craig Pfannkuche

Where can data sometimes be found concerning individuals who are not well represented in the mass of available paper records? Grandma’s Privy! This presentation will show that not everything that went into privy holes, latrines, and outhouses was a mixture of … organic wastes. Into these holes went bones, bottles, toys, money, clothing, jewelry, dishware, cutlery, and watches among many other things; in fact, a wide variety of inorganic material which represents a full spectrum of the artifacts (articles of use) used by the people who made use of the privy.

“Hundreds and thousands of those privies, treasure troves of a variety of family artifacts, remain safely buried in both city and countryside. Using basic archaeological techniques, a minimally trained excavator can build from these artifacts both a picture of who deposited the materials, when they deposited those artifacts and how they lived. Information that cannot be found in paper records. Join us and learn.

Craig Pfannkuche is President of Memory Trail Research, Inc. since 1993, and is the Genealogical Archivist for the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Historical Society since 1984. He is on the Board of Directors of the McHenry County, Illinois Genealogical Society & the Chicago Genealogical Society. He has presented numerous workshops in history, historical & genealogical research & archaeological techniques at both the local and national level.