Meeting May 8, 2018

Dropsy, Quinsy or Consumption:  Exactly What Did My Ancestors Have?

Presented by Kimberly Nagy, MD., PLCGS

Have you ever wondered what some of the medical terms found on old documents really mean? What is the modern term for those diseases? Was it treatable? Was it Contagious? Was it epidemic? We will explore several commonly used terms for medical ailments. Information will be given on some of the early medical treatments for such ailments. Tracing ancestors through epidemics will also be discussed.

Kimberly Nagy, has been researching her ancestry for over forty years.  Much of her experience predates the internet and she loves the smell of old books in libraries, courthouses and archives. Now, retired from her career as a Trauma Surgeon, she can devote all of her time to her passion – Genealogy!  She has extensive experience with Lineage Society applications and loves to lecture – both of these are reflected in her work as a Professional Genealogist.