Meeting Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Over There:  Civilian Volunteers in WWI

Presented by Sarah Kirby

In addition to the troops we sent, many thousands of individuals served as volunteers in WWI. Some were soldiers in other armies, but most were in non-combat roles.  This presentation will review some of the organizations that they were in and how to locate records of service.

Sarah Kirby has been researching her family since 1994 and has had a surname website since 1997.  She has a Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies, a MLIS degree, and a BS in Aerospace Engineering.  She is currently a member of APG and NGS andhas been on the APG’s Publications Advisory Committee since 2007.  She is also a member of the Illinois State Genealogical Society, NEHGS, NYGBS, Lake Co (IL) GS, and Detroit SGR